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Oude Kamp 5
3512 KG Utrecht
The Netherlands

IBAN: NL22.INGB.00027.44.821 in the name of H.L. Hollander-Solinger
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Eagle Publishing is a publisher of Christian books, recognizable by the Ichtus sign, that of the fish.
The word ichtus is an acronym, which means that each letter of the word is the first letter of another word. It is derived from the Greek word IXTHYS (meaning “fish”), pronounced “Ichtus”. The letters of ICHTUS stand for the Greek words Iesùs Christòs Theòy Uiòs Sotèr, which mean Jesus Christ, Son of God, Savior.
The sign of the fish enabled Christians to recognize each other during times of persecution. Two strangers could thus be (reasonably) certain that they could safely speak about matters of the faith.

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